Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB), No. 1618 enacted on September 28, 1972 in "Travel Agencies and Travel Agents Association Law" is a professional organization established in accordance with. The main purpose of TÜRSAB is to contribute to the development of the tourism sector, which forms the basis of the travel agency profession and field of activity.

Within the framework of the competencies specified by Law No. 1618, the provision of professional discipline, activities related to the development of the profession, and the efforts towards the solution of the problems encountered by the travel agencies are among the important functions within the service area of TURSAB.

İTALTUR, a Group A travel agency, offers all travel services to its users with TÜRSAB assurance.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the world's airline trade association, representing about 84% of total air traffic with about 240 airlines and, in other words, air traffic. IATA supports aviation activities in many areas and helps regulate industrial policies on critical aviation issues. ITALTER in the world, about 81,000, while Turkey has 680 IATA as one of the agency with documentation of IATA member airline which is authorized to sell tickets.

İTALTUR is the sales agent that sells and sells its services in order to represent Turkish Airlines in connection with the sales of Turkish Airlines and passenger transportation services.

The Izmir Convention and Visitors Bureau is an organization established by the Izmir Promotion Foundation and supporting the planners and organizers of the city who seek impartial advice for activities such as conventions, commercial activities and incentives.

İTALTUR is the partner of İzmir Congress and Visitors Bureau and General Manager of İTALTUR. Hande Arslanalp is the Vice Chairman of Izmir CVB.